Nollywood actress, Christabel Ekeh’s mother speaks on her nude photos

Nollywood actress, Christabel Ekeh’s mother speaks on her nude photos

Mother of Ghanaian Nollywood actress, Christabel Ekeh, Madam Emma Odoom has backed her daughter after she shared adult photos of herself recently.

Mrs. Odoom said Ghanaians should pray for her daughter instead of criticising her.

She said people should stop calling her daughter names and talking about things they do not know about.

Recall that the actress shared nude photos of hers on Instagram recently gave her a lot of backlash from her fans.

Many taught her account was hacked but in interview with Ghanaian television, Miss Ekeh said she posted the pictures herself to announce the “new Christabel Ekeh.”

Mrs. Odoom, insisted that there is nothing mentally wrong with her daughter.

She told Showbiz tv, “I think people should pray for my girl instead of circulating her pictures online. I wonder what they hope to achieve by doing that. Why would they engage themselves in things they know nothing about?

“Christabel is working and she needs our love, support and prayers to succeed.

“My daughter is a very decent girl, she was brought up well and cannot do anything she knows will tarnish her image.

“She is not sick and does not need any psychological treatment or help as people are saying out there.

“I can only say that, as a mother, I should support my children in anything they do, I need to love them and pray that whatever they touch would go well. That is where my fulfillment lies.

Asked if she personally thinks it was appropriate for the Before Noon actress to take such pictures in the first place, she added, “like I said earlier, it is work related.

“She is a model too and sometimes due to the nature of their work and who they are in society, they need to take on some campaigns and loving your body is one of them.

“Christabel is the first of my three children. She is very cool, intelligent, loving and respectful.

“She is kind and is very passionate about the things of God, which is how I brought her up.

“Her siblings look up to her and she disciplines them when they go wrong.

“She uses the least chance she gets to spend time with them, advising them to take their education serious and grow to become society changers.”

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